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07/18/2013 - Eight ways to grow life sciences

07/10/2013 - NEW- MUSC's Greenberg leaving for Univ of Texas

07/10/2013 - SC Incentives Draw High-Growth Company

06/27/2013 - Iron Yard tackles digital health care

06/19/2013 - SCBIO to triple life science investors

06/11/2013 - Startups get help from General Assembly

06/05/2013 - Autism Breakthrough in Greenwood

06/05/2013 - Clemson, GHS Create Biomedical Hub

05/23/2013 - New Angel Group Hear's First Pitch

05/15/2013 - Genetics Campus moves forward

05/08/2013 - SC-Israel Tech Fund launched

05/03/2013 - It's Crazy May

04/30/2013 - Last week! Brain Tech Exchange, MUSC Charleston

04/25/2013 - SCBIO Meets Taco Boy

04/18/2013 - SCBIO Delegation Sells SC to Global Execs in Chicago

04/11/2013 - Startup Investment Bill Headed through House

04/04/2013 - US-Israel neurotech exchange explores partnerships

03/28/2013 - Spin-off launched to create neuroscience companies

03/20/2013 - Space, Cancer & Personalized Medicine

03/13/2013 - High growth investment bill passes key Senate vote

03/07/2013 - Drug maker announces SC facility

03/01/2013 - SCBIO Execs talk industry expansion

02/19/2013 - Last Call: Life Sciences Day w/ Sen. Tim Scott

02/15/2013 - Register Today: Sen. Tim Scott, Life Sciences Day

02/12/2013 - High-growth job bill faces vote today



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SCBIO to Triple The Number of SC Life Science Investors

The state’s industry association representing innovative life sciences businesses said Tuesday it will seek to triple the number of investors in life science startups as a result of a measure passed by the General Assembly and signed by Gov. Nikki Haley Friday.


SCBIO Urges repeal of IPAB

Preserve Seniors Access to Medicare Act would ensure access and innovation

National Infant Immunization Week April 21-28

 Routine immunization prevents about 20 million cases of disease and about 42,000 deaths.

Facts about Vaccine Safety

Medical innovation has led to prevention, cures and relief from disease and suffering that have improved quality of life for people in the United States and around the world. Side effects can occur. The facts bear out that vaccine programs have been overwhelmingly safe.

America’s biopharmaceutical research companies are today working on nearly 400 new medicines and vaccines to combat infectious diseases Many of these medicines are already in late-stage clinical trials or being considered by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for approval for patient use. 
Get the facts on vaccine safety.

 Campaign for Modern Medicines

Efforts to reauthorize the Prescription Drug User Fee Act (PDUFA) Focus on the U.S. Senate

CDC/ACIP defers endorsement of Prevnar 13 for adults pending results of outcomes study:

Update: U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said it will wait for results from a trial of Pfizer Inc's Prevnar 13 pneumonia vaccine before deciding whether to recommend its use in all adults aged 50 and older.

Virginia Medical Society Director: Government Action needed to protect American Seniors from pneumonia

Delays in the approval of Pfizer's vaccine, Prevnar 13, could stall efforts to immunize American seniors against a deadly form of pneumonia. Pneumonia-related illnesses kill 25,000 seniors a year.


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FDA Modernization bills need South Carolina Support

Reform would attract investors to biosciences

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